Custom Learning Tracks

·      For pricing on custom learning tracks please contact either Michaela or Nathan by filling out the form on the CONTACT page. You may also e-mail either Nathan or Michaela directly at

·      Pricing on tracks may vary based on the amount of parts, the number or measures, or if the customer is in need of a rush order.

·  A learning track order includes a full mix of the arrangement, part predominant, part missing (karaoke), and part panned left.


For a list of current learning tracks, please click here.


Mechanical licensing and current tracks

Mechanical licensing fees are the responsibility of the customer. By buying learning tracks from Michaela Slamka, you agree to the responsibility of purchasing mechanical licensing fees for the amount copies you make. You can learn more about and pay mechanical licensing fees by visiting Harry Fox. Mechanical licensing fees are collected to pay royalties to the copyright owners. The current cost is $0.091 per copy and you must pay for a minimum of 25 copies. The arranger owns the copyright on any public domain song. You will likely need to pay the copyright holder directly to said arranger for public domain songs.


I do not provide sheet music for copyrighted or public domain songs. Sheet music should be legally purchased for the songs that you are purchasing and receiving tracks for. The Learning Track Library lists the arranger associated with the track. Please contact the arranger to purchase sheet music for your group.